Club de Fromage On Ice

Club de Fromage returns to the hallowed ice of Alexandra Palace for it's fourth season. Expect all the top pop, disco, rock, indie and old skool hip-hop you've come to expect from London's greatest pop party! 

Thrill to 00s, 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s and more as we once more grace the ice at this iconic venue.

Don't forget you can have a drink as well at the bar, to get you in the skating mood.

Tickets for the final date of our 2018/19 season on sale now:

Sat 27th Apr - Beyonce v Rhianna Click here for tickets

"Spin to the Spice Girls and flail to Flava Flav: Fromage On Ice Is Back" - Time Out

"Grab a slushy and get your skate on under the disco ball" - Time Out

"Pop music & ice rinks have gone gloved-hand-in-gloved-hand since whenever you were in secondary school" - Time Out

"The ice rink disco is a British coming-of-age rite of passage, and we're delighted that Club de Fromage are allowing us grown ups to revisit it. The pop music will be present and correct - everything from Abba to Taylor Swift - and your terror of falling over will be reduced by the presence of a licensed bar." - Time Out

"Keep your balance whilst channeling your inner Spice Girls, Britney or Robbie Williams" - To Do In London

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